Cannot withdraw ether

My ether withdraw has been ‘pending’ for over a day, and the transaction ID is not visible on any of the blockchain explorers (,, Is something wrong with transactions? Any way to file a support ticket?

hm… We have seen this behaviour in the past that transactions are not broadcasted. Haven’t seen it for a while so I thought it would be fixed with the latest geth version.

The easiest quick fix I would suggest to log in with your seed from a different browser (or incognito mode) and try it again. You might also be able to just request the same transaction again.

One small note - we use a implementation of the light wallet. So you can access this fund from any light wallet implementation. Unfortunately there is currently only this very raw one: Soon there will be available much more.

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Any way to file a support ticket?
[/quote]This is the right place for help.