Claim LEV

One more problem, Sir!
I swapped USDT for LEV. Tried to claim it and nothing happened.
my wallet: 0x9A3F7762385Bab73350E44b10CfD36abDC0bb0e7

Your claiming tx was successful already:

Would you mind sharing your current screen? Isn’t it showing the “already claimed” message?

Is there a time limit on how long you have to claim LEV?

I have 450 LEV to claim, but the gas fees right now are showing as $200. Would like to wait for the gas fees to come down to a reasonable level.

I do not know how. But I swapped USDT for LEV and then claimed USDT. Maybe it is my mistake.
I just don’t get how could I interact with Gnosis with USDT for LEV and then claim USDT.

Your tokens will be waiting for you with no time limit to claim.
Feel free to wait and claim at whatever time fits you best

What most probably happened is that your bid ended up being too low (below the clearing price of the auction).
This means you didn’t participated in buying LEV but of course in this case you’re still able to claim back the funds you were bidding with

If your bidding price was below the white dashed line, you are not considered in the auction, as the auction price is higher than the max price you were willing to pay.

The auction mechanism makes sure that you are not paying too much! And hence you can claim your USDT back

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