DAO governance: breaking down the process

When I set out to participate in DAO governance, I was struck by how many steps there are, drawing on multiple tools and platforms across phases. This is exciting for the organizational design nerd in me for how elegantly they fit together to achieve their purpose, once you understand how to navigate the process. But first we must navigate the process!

Here’s a guide to clarify things a bit (also viewable as a tweet thread) >>

• GnosisDAO governance occurs over 3 phases:

proposal discussion,
formal Gnosis Improvement Proposal (GIP) process,
and prediction markets to guide decision making.

A step-by-step guide is available in this tutorial: https://blog.gnosis.pm/gnosisdao-governance-tutorial-8257f5a1adb4

• To initiate a proposal, start a discussion thread with the GnosisDAO category in the Gnosis Forum:

This will help gauge interest, gather feedback, and ensure that your suggestion serves the best interests of GnosisDAO.

• Proposals that have been welcomed by the community during forum discussion are ready to be structured and formally submitted as a GIP, using the forum’s provided template.

For a proposal to become a GIP, it must include a 5-day forum poll on the outcome.

• Polls that pass with a relative majority in Gnosis Forum are ready to move to a week-long period of GNO token signalling, using two methods: Omen prediction markets and a Snapshot poll. Both steps are necessary to set our futarchy mechanism, Gnosis Impact, in motion!

• For the first step to futarchy, head to http://omen.eth.link to create a pair of Omen markets on the proposal outcome: one collateralized in GNO, one in a stablecoin. Analyzed together, they will be able to surface the proposal outcome’s projected price impact on GNO.

• Once the prediction markets are set, create a poll on Snapshot, a platform for gasless signalling that weights votes by the amount of a token held by a participating wallet address.

• The signalling methods on Omen and Snapshot provide the groundwork for the final step to completing a GIP: adding a Gnosis Impact score, so voters can assess how the proposal’s outcome may affect GNO price. https://blog.gnosis.pm/gnosis-impact-explainer-169989ce455d… Futarchy in action!

• It’s also possible to vote from Gnosis Safe but you still must delegate to Snapshot through an EOA using WalletConnect. It’s a few extra steps, but worth it if your GNO is stored in Safe!

Here’s how to Snapshot Vote via delegation:

Remember, prediction markets guide proposal resolution but the Snapshot poll is critical for determining the ultimate decision. For a full rundown on how these pieces fit together, review our Governance Process Guide: https://forum.gnosis.io/t/readme-gnosisdao-governance-process/736… Happy proposing!