DEX community call on Tuesday Feb 2nd 2021, 3pm GMT

Dear GnosisDAO community,

We are excited to host the second (Gnosis Protocol) DEX community call.
It is scheduled for Tuesday Feb 2nd 2021, 3pm GMT.
Meeting link:


  • Development update
  • Showcase Gnosis Protocol with a demo
  • Answering selected community questions
  • A deeper overview of one specific aspect of GPv2 (Examples: Solvers, Gasless / meta transactions, integration to AMMs etc)

Please share in the comments any questions you have or any suggestion for a topic for the deep dive.


So we’ve received some questions already:

  • Which liquidity sources will be used to settle trades?
  • How much gas will a trade cost? Are there any additional fees?
  • Given that the main benefit for traders on GP comes only when there’s “coincidence of wants” - what are the benefits of GP when a trade cannot find a counterparty within GP?
  • What are the plans to incentivise frequent trading so that trades get the benefit of batched auctions?
  • Which tokens will be available for trading?
  • What are the risks associated with trading on GP? And specifically, what happens if the solver goes rogue?
  • Is there a role of “Liquidity provider” in Gnosis Protocol?
  • Who gets to earn the trading fees?
  • How is a user protected from being Frontrun/Miner Extractable Value (MEV)?
  • What are the DeFi dapps/protocols Gnosis Protocol plans to be integrated with?
  • How is Gnosis Protocol able to give me better prices than other DEXs?

Happy to get any additional questions!


Check out the recording of this Community Call here:

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