Gnosis app is using an account different than the one my Ledger Nano has in it

I got a new Ledger Nano S, initialized it, saved my passphrase, upgraded Nano firmware to 1.4.2, added Ethereum app, Added (create) a new Ethereum account in the Nano account
Let’s call it 0xe7241…7971
It seems to work correctly in Ledger Live.

Next I downloaded and installed, Gnosis 1.3.7 on Windows 10 PC.
Opened it, selected Ledger as my provider, and saw a message about some settings I should set on my Ledger, but the message was gone before I studied it. Left the Nano in its default state.

Started to create a new multisig test wallet.
The “My Account” is shows is a different one than in my Nano, call it: 0x03Da…3111
And I notice that that account is at the top of the screen.

I go back to Ledger Live. That new account does not show in it. I don’t have the ability to use that 3111 account in Ledger Live.

If i go back into the Gnosis wallet app, the address it is asking me to confirm on the Nano is the new 3111, which isn’t in the Ledger Live app. It takes me about 10 approvals to get the Gnosis app to close the ledger instructions window.

How do I get the Gnosis to use the Nano address that shows in Ledger Live, and forget about this 3111 account?

I’ve got the same problem in Ubuntu.

The only thing to add here is that I was able to add the account address that shows in GNOSIS.
In order to do that I opened Ledger Live and I add a new account.
It showed as Legacy

I’m still trying to see the original account in GNOSIS.
Did you have any luck?