Gnosis Safe won't execute txs as another (not executable) tx needs to be executed first

Hi - long-time safe user here,

We recently ran into an error with one of our safes… We aren’t able to execute anything anymore, can someone provide advice on how to solve this?

Safe address: 0xC126F092483F6c6250C94551DddA87D40f3c4798

Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Safe txs have to be executed consecutively in order. Each Safe tx has a nonce.
On your Safe, the next tx needs to have nonce 23.
The next tx in your screenshot is 30. This one cannot be executed. How do you create it? Did you manually edit the tx nonce?

Either way, when triggering the next tx, make sure that your set the nonce to 23.

Would that work for you?


Hey hey!

Waiting for other confirmations, but I believe this was the fix. Somehow I believe one of us must have manually entered a wrong Nonce once, after which it just continues from there.