How can I connect with management team to discuss business cooperation?

How can I connect with management team to discuss business cooperation? John Palmisano, eTrios Commodities LLC

welcome @luckypup!
If you are interested building something on top of Gnosis this form is a good way to get started:

You can get in contact with us on - here in the forum or per email:

Business cooperation heh ( Hey, was waiting to for ico to invest into Gnosis probably like a year or so checking from time to time. Initially looked at Augur but didn’'t like their approach.

So put all reminders etc on all ico trackers - prepared my wallet, bump few minutes and that’s it. Most of the time there was ‘site not available’ grayed screen till I realized after reloading screen for dozen times or so - ico is over and the address I sent ETH unlike other wallets needs to do some additional thing like ‘press buy’, would love to but…

I know it’s simple and I’m mobile .NET developer - probably would be able to make a stake, buy some GNO - but site was overloaded with participants heavily. Not a good start for a company to treat it backkers like that:( Probably may sound like a desperate thing to ask somebody to take your money when they didn’t bother to oversee that their website may be down due to interest, but hey hey:((

People are talking about some surplus burning, while probably there may be a lot more guys like I am - just wondering, if there are more people willing to invest in project - whyyy not let them to so that there will be a legit way of emiting rest of GNO further at ICO price, probably there is a way - for example let redeem everybody who had their wallets funded before ICO end but wasn’t able to press buy button due to site being down or round 2 or something like that??? Do we really have to buy from speculators who will sell at 2x 3x 10 x and then as usually wait till price will fall sharply as usual(( untill some next major release or something heh(