I cant claim my usdt back

Why cant I claim my usdt back? The wallet shows there were was no transaction, but I have prove that there was. Please help me!

I got the same problem, that I can’t claim my usdt funds back after participating in an auction, after not buying tokens at my price… Thx for help

This sounds like a #gnosis-auction related support request. Tagging @alex and @cmagan.

Hey @Mayabeda
Can you explain more, why can’t you claim your funds?
What wallet are you using? what browser?
Did you submit a transaction already?

Hi, thx for replying…
I could connect my wallet at trust wallet.
I also could send usdt to participate in the lev auction. But now I want so send my usdt back, when I press claim, a window pops up, saying ‘wait g for confirmation in my wallet’, but in my wallet no ‘transaction-confirmation-request’ pops up.

okay, got it.
We might have an issue with Trustwallet.
Anyway GAs prices are super high at the moment so you might want to wait a little.
I’ll try to reproduce your problem and fix it.
One suggestion, you can try to access Gnosis Auction on desktop and use walletconnect to connect you trust wallet. LMK if that works.

Thx @cmagan - I opened gnosis on the desktop, now the transaction request popped up in my wallet.
But as you are right with gas fees, I probably better wait, or take part in a new auction asking f usdt :wink: thx again for helping me with this issue

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