Ideas for a trading challenge

We could do a trading challenge that pushes the limits of dfusion. Those are categories that could each win a price in GNO.

  1. Create the order that is used in the highest number of batches
  2. For each token that is added to dfusion the first user(s) that have a order with a executed trade volume of tokens worth at least 500 OWL will score 1 point. User with the highest score will win. (it will be easiest to win in this category by adding new tokens and immediately doing a trade on them.
  3. Total number of executed trades (of a user)
  4. In theory, as many as 25 different tokens can be touched in one batch. This price will go to every user that was part of the batch with most tokens touched.
  5. Single order with highest executed trading volume
  6. Perfect limit orders - out of all the batches with the 5% highest overall trading volume - this category will be won by the batch with THE LEAST generated utility. The user that contributed most volume to this batch will win.
  7. Don’t risk too much! This category will go to the single trade that generated most utility. (this can usually be achieved by large market orders)
  8. The order (touched in a solution) with the highest disregarded trading volume
  9. The order (not touched in a solution) with the highest disregarded trading volume (buy and sell token need to be touched in the solution that is submitted)

We have just increased max touched to 30!