Instant liquidity on dfusion

If you want to sell token A for token B it will take between 5-10minutes until you can actually withdrawal token B. There could be a flash-lending option. If a user sells token A via this service they could already receive a percentage (e.g. 75%) of the expected amount of token B. Once the auction clears the service takes the 75% back + a fee. The remaining amount gets send to the user.

Is there a demand for such a solution? For regular trades, the benefit of getting some tokens directly seems not worth paying this fee. Especially since the advantage of getting some tokens early seems very small. The uncertainty about the final price remains for up to 9 minutes and the trade will only be completely done after 10min. However - there can be situations where a sell is done to avoid a forced liquidation (e.g. on Maker or Compound). The advantage of using dfusion over an exchange with instant settlement (uniswap/kyber) should be a better execution price. Thus the fee would need to be small enough to in aggregate still result in a better price.