State of work on prediction markets at Gnosis

I have superficially been following the predictions market space for some time and currently am considering turning a side flirt into more of a professional focus. Concretely, this would mean working on developing and implementing use cases that use the same mechanism as prediction markets under the hub but that aren’t prediction markets themselves.

I live in Berlin and have been a fan of the work of Gnosis for some time, so the Gnosis prediction market tech stack would be the most natural one for me to build on, also becoming a member of the DAO, getting involved etc.

But before I do that I would like to double check that predictions markets are still a strategic focus of Gnosis. It seems from @mkoeppelmann’s comment on GIP-9 that this might not be the case (aslso that the GIP didn’t meet its quorum) and I wonder whether in this case building on Gnosis is a good idea. Is, for example, the GEF still used for projects on (conditional) tokens? Is there an internal team actively working on the topic? Is the list of partnering projects up-to-date? It would be great to learn the answers to some of those questions before committing.

Cheers, Paul