App where you pin the places you have been in your life, starting with your origin point: date, and place of birth. A map of the world with all the places you have been creating a drawing, your personal WORLDK signature that evolves in time.
Different degrees of verification would give a different value to the information: passport stamps, airplane tickets, photos, bookings, testimonials, certificates, contracts, GPS tracking, etc… You own the data in the blockchain. Clusters of data can be sold upon agreements to different industries through a platform of elected representatives by the community. Different degrees of verification, from anonymous to fully public.
The intention is to provide a platform where we own the data created as we walk the world using external apps, widgets, etc that can easily be implemented for our personal use and forecasting models already in use by Big Data. We the first to have access to it and monetize or just keep it safe and anonymous in the BC with potential value increasing in time. The choice is ours and not of BigTech.
Find similar signatures, coincidences in time and space amongst users, meet people with similar trajectories or “crossing points”, empowering local testimonials with life mode verifications such as real weather conditions, local events, witness program tokens. Forecast the future based on verified historical data from the user, different degrees of certainty rewarding verification. Honesty is regarded as the highest value. Big Tech has our Origin Point as a Birth Certificate, but lack all the information we can provide by will, giving us an advantage in the quality of the forecast as we would have more precise and detailed information, nobody knows our lifes better than ourselves and still we can integrate the info already generated E.g: Google Maps History
Gathering all the information already generated passively from platforms such as Google would be one main service provided by the WORLDK team and users would pay for the service to reach break-even, adding value to their personal Data Bank.
More to come if there is interest in the idea.
I am not a developer, I don’t know how to write code, I don’t have funds, but I see a piece of the inevitable future.
The real Prophets are the Ones enjoying the Future, not fearing it.