4 proposals for small skins atop of Gnosis

It has always been the idea of Gnosis that prediction markets are such a powerful concept that lots of individual project would exist on such a general platform.

Here are four ideas for such projects:

  1. Difficulty forecast/ virtual mining contract.
    A app focused on predictions of the difficulty. Note that this does not need a third party oracle since the difficulty is an available data point for smart contract (see code). This add could be presented in different ways to the user: first simply: predict the difficulty. 2. "hedge you mining investment (hedge against high difficulty) or 3. as a virtual mining contract.. If you pay upfront a specific about to buy hashrate for a month and your overall payout depends purely on the difficulty - then this can be done perfectly fine with a prediction market. The advantages are that there is no counterparty risk for the person buying the hashrate - the disadvantage for the “seller” is that they need to commit this capital upfront.

  2. Binary options market.
    Develop a binary option market for the Ether (and potentially other) prices. The prediction would be wether or not the ETH price would raise or fall during a day/ hour. As an oracle “https://www.realitykeys.com/” can be used. Ask us for help integrating their data into our oracle contacts.

  3. Futarchy DAO
    The minimal DAO. It is a contract that can hold funds/tokens. Anyone can make a proposal that this contact executes a specific call. Such a proposal will create 3 markets. a) will the proposal be implemented. b) if it is implemented - what will be the price of a specifc token in the future. c) if no - what will be the price.
    The DAO will automatically implement the proposal/ or not - depending on the markets b)c).

  4. Use this DAO to let it play a game of chess/go/ connect 4 or whatever.

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I seriously cannot wait for these things to be let loose in the wild.