Are the conditional token market maker contracts deployed in xdai chain?

Hello! i am working on a conditional tokens based prediction market on xdai chain, do you know if the contracts are officially deployed in there (as they are in mainnet, and some testnets)?
Omen has deployed some for their upgrade :wink: but i want to use the LMSR model as is in the tutos.
Thank you very much for your time!

Not quite yet - keep an eye out soon :smiley:

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Correct, we have not deployed the LMSR market makers to xDai.
Here are links to all of the relevant verified contracts that have been deployed:

CT xDai Sokol
CT Contracts
Kleros bridge
Reality.eth Oracle Adapters
Reality.eth Oracle Adapters (Scalar)
Uniswap V2 Router
Uniswap V2 Factory
Omen Subgraph
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Thank you! very much appreciated! :pray:

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