BAL rewards for GNO liquidity providers on Balancer V2 start August 16th

If you are providing GNO to the 80/20 GNO/WETH pool on Balancer v1, this is a great time to migrate to V2. BAL rewards on V1 ended and starting August 16th, new BAL rewards will be given to the v2 80/20 pool.

If you hold GNO and some ETH, GNO/WETH 80/20 is a good pool with low impermanent loss due to high GNO-ETH correlation and the 80/20 architecture ( 80/20 pools have ˜50% lower impermanent loss compared to 50-50 pools)

You can migrate here with 1 click:
V1 Pool

To create a new position on V2, go here:
V2 Pool:

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