Best place to find ICO details for Gnosis

Looking for a rundown or ANN link from the Gnosis team regarding the upcoming ICO. Long time lurker who’s pretty excited to invest in this prediction market, just trying to collate all data to assess VP.


Sorry for the slow reply @krypt0, we’ve just finished some long overdue maintenance on the forum and will hopefully see a lot more traffic through here from here on out.

As of right now, details are still pretty slim. But you can be sure that here, slack, and twitter will be the first places the details are posted when they are settled.

You can always ask slackbot on the gnosis slack channel about the ICO. His latest response is this.

We apologise for delays and uncertainty on this. We’re working on a crowdsale website that we hope we can have live in a few weeks. Legal complexity is the only current roadblock that we’re working through. (updated 09 Sep 2016)

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