Candidate deployment of COW vesting contracts for those who locked GNO

A candidate deployment of Merkle Distributor contracts for the COW vesting to locked GNO holders has been made. We would really appreciate independent reviews of the deployment before COW tokens are unlocked and sent to the contract.

They are an instance of Giveth’s TokenDistro and Merkle Distro contracts. The deployment details are as follows.


TokenDistro: `0x68FFAaC7A431f276fe73604C127Bd78E49070c92 `
MerkleDistro: 0x64646f112FfD6F1B7533359CFaAF7998F23C8c40
Merkle Tree: ipfs://QmTVvDnqTaQX4AqRwsC5cZY8yNRfT68Ljk3Ay5azidLAeT

Transfer details: COWtoken.transfer("0x68FFAaC7A431f276fe73604C127Bd78E49070c92","41894957000000000000000000")

Gnosis Chain

TokenDistro: 0x3d610e917130f9D036e85A030596807f57e11093
MerkleDistro: 0x48D8566887F8c7d99757CE29c2cD39962bfd9547
Merkle Tree: ipfs://Qma62GLNcJh95rm1pv5a5SbNBcKNJeaTF69HyWbhHadhYi

Transfer details: COWtoken.transfer("0x3d610e917130f9D036e85A030596807f57e11093","8105044000000000000000000")

All contracts are verified on Etherscan and Blockscout.

note: Ownership of the mainnet deployment has not been transferred to the DAO yet. It will be transferred once we have independent confirmation that the deployment is correct.

The distribution details can be found in this google sheet.


I received 10 validators from the seed incentive program, so the deposit address is not my address. Is it the intention that the COW tokens go to the depositor of the address of should they go the real validator?

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I didn’t understand if a person who has 10 grant validator will receive cow airdrop or not ?

The GNO should go to the address of the depositor.

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For Ethereum TokenDistro and MerkleDistro are different, for Gnosis Chain they are the same, is that correct? Why is that?

That was a typo. I’ve just updated to the correct address. Good catch!

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When is this distro intended to go live? Understand you folks are running about 100 things at once, so not rushing you but curious. Hopefully an easy one to check off the list post Gnosis get together

It should be live already, check the profile tab on COWSwap.

The initial “COW” is there, but not the follow-on locking amount.

Sorry, it looks like the updated version of the dapp has not yet been deployed to production.
It should be deployed soon.


Thank you. That answers my question