DAO voting proposal with Gnosis to make it stronger


I have shared this file in number of different blogs. I’ve chatted with you before on DAO forum. I’d like to share it here as well. I’m a fan of prediction market strategy and I’d like to maybe understand bit more some of the Pavlovian aspect of human nature. In this proposal, I highlight some key issues on voting and governance issues that Gnosis can consider in it’s proposal to the DAO.

I couldn’t upload it on this blog so I have a public hoster. Hopefully you are able to get it.

This link is bit weird. I will look for a better way to upload pdf file, of if you can allow me to upload a PDF file here, that would be nice.



Thanks - this looks very interesting - we are definitely in a discussion around this topics.
Could you upload the PDF to slideshare or dropbox or google docs? This PDF-archive site has so much aggressive spam ads that it makes me uncomfortable to download a file from this source.