DXdao x GnosisDAO Partnership Discussion

hi All

I do product ownership for Mesa/DXdao. I started last week and did have been in contact with some people from on the Gnosis/GnosisDAO side working on Mesa/GP.

I have been present on the community call about GPV2 this week too.

We should have DXdao x GnosisDAO call next week about our future collaboration and ideas how to move forward together.

In our view, many possibilities for a wide range of collaborations on different products and levels exists.

We would like to start the call by talking on a strategic level and then discuss outlook on Mesa/Gnosis Protocol because this is the thing to solve now.

I suggest 4-5 pm CET (UTC-1) sometimes next week. I would prefer Tuesday, but also have to check if the relevant person from our side can take part and this may be rushed for you too.

If anybody wants to connect to me personally we can have a short call (https://calendly.com/martinkrung) or contact me on keybase/twitter. (@martinkrung/mk@cryptonative.ch)

To see what’s going on on dxDao you also can join keybase https://keybase.io/team/dx_dao and have a look at the channels.

What do you think?


I asked the team, and we suggest doing the meeting on our open channel

Tuesday 8. December
4-5 pm CET (UTC-1)

For the DXdao Team this is an important call, and we hope that as many as possible take part from your side.


Hi Martin,

Sure, I’ll be joining the call. I’ll bring along someone from our GP technical team so we can have a more in depth discussion.

I agree that it is a good idea to start with a more Mesa/GP related call as that seems to be more pressing.

Please share any points or ideas you might have beforehand so we can prepare, and see you on Tuesday.



You can count me in.


You can count me in too.


Great Martin! See you there!


you mean UTC+1 correct?

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Yes, its 4-5 pm CET and UTC+1. Can’t change his above. Sorry for the confusion.

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I just posted the agenda for today’s meeting on Dxdao daotalk:

Thanks everybody joining this call.

DXdao/Myself will work on a more formal proposal for GnosisDao. Who wants to get involved/give feedback in an early stage from GnosisDao side?

Please join the mesa-strategy channel or dm me on keybase.

Notes on the meeting: