EIP 20 pushed to github

So the market for “Will contracts have the option to handle more than one token” seemed a good learning experience for me about the token standard. So i thought I might take a second to write out how the bet would/should resolve based on the decisions made and my ability to interpret them.

6 days ago the EIP 20 update was committed

This push to github did not contain the “token identifier” however many did vote for its inclusion noted on the vote/poll.

It was also interesting to note that a potential work around was discussed and the possibility of including multiple token identifiers in a future release is not impossible.

This mades me believe that the market would now resolve to no, however, it could still resolve to yes if one believed the implemtation of the workarrounds discussed granted equivlant capability and they were included in a MIST update. To my knowledge this has not occured so it appears this market resolves to no tonight.

Thanks for making this market because it was a great educational read!

Hey @Bagdar13 - I see the situation similar to your view and since a) the current standard is not having the identifier and b) Mist/ the Ethereum Wallet does not implement additions we have resolved the event to “no”.

Do you have an idea for a new market on a EIP? I think it is a fun way to experiment with a prediction market AND get familiar in the EIP process.