ERC 20 "Token Standard"

Will shares in events one day be compatible with the ERC 20 “Token Standard”?

Yes, that is clearly our goal. However - we are not 100% happy with the standard. The current standard requires that you need another contract for each token. That means if we create an event with 6 outcomes that would mean that we would need to create 6 more contracts that all basically have the 99% the same logic. That is pretty inefficient in terms of gas costs. So we made the suggestion to ad an “identifier” to all token call. That would mean that one contract can mange multiple tokens that are differentiated by this identifier.

That is the way we implemented it and we hope we can get more people onboard with this approach and finally get support for this in the ethereum wallet. If that would be not the case that it would still be possible to create contracts on top that are compatible with the standard - basically just a proxy/interface contract.


We’ve been debating wheater a namespace contract could be repurposed as a token registry, even going so far as to create a registry of registries that a wallet or dapp could watch to become updated automatically for the user with new tokens they now have. I was walking someone through adding our test tokens to their Mist earlier /groan.

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