EXP - Can do anything ETH can do?

Hey Guys/Gals, I totally see the future of prediction markets and it seems clear that GnosisPM is gonna explode in a good way. Frankly, I think the branding is better and it makes sense where Augur will have a harder time explaining the connection btw the name and what they do. To me, who needs preachers and priests when you have Gnosis? Betting on beliefs has soooo many potential uses. Meanwhile, I recently learned that GnosisPM is set to run on ETH. I also learned that EXP can basically do anything that ETH can do. I’m not a developer so I wanted to start a discussion about this. I’m sort of in the position of trying to connect the EXP crew and the Gnosis crew to just see what is possible. I’m thinking if it is easy, why not? It seems like it will attract the EXP folks to GnosisPM and increase brand awareness for GnosisPM and EXP. Thoughts? Feelings?

I’m not a dev either but am becoming more familiar with Expanse. With the civil war going on with ETH and the more secure options such as EXP, I too am curious what others have to say.