Forming a GnosisX Team

Hey everyone,

I am putting together a team for GnosisX. Ideally, we’d like to work on something for all 3 categories. If you are interested in chatting about this, please send an email to Please briefly provide some background info and anything else you think might be relevant.

Hi Everyone,

We are trying to build a customised prediction marketplace that focus on the professional area such as Technology and Finance. Please checkout for more info. And would like to form a team for this GnosisX challenge. Anyone interested to join please pm or join our telegram group is severely flawed. The current float and the outstanding float are questionable with many of the tokens on their site. We could have a prediction market on each token or a token company can come clean with audited floats. The tokens that don’t provide the audited floats lose credibility while the community begins to research and predict a more accurate number. We can create a forum for each company that provides links and data to help customers come up with a more accurate prediction. I know of companies that sell tokens with specific brokers to finance their operations but their current float stays the same on I would write a blog calling on medium calling out these firm(s) and trades and hopefully, the project would go viral. Perhaps its collusion, I don’t know, but we traders need more accurate outstanding and current floats to gain a better understanding of token valuatuion. Stocks are regulated to divulge that info, tokens are not, so ICOs use it to their advantage and manipulate the market. This project would fall under the token diligence category or the science R&D. There is a total of three categories one can compete in. I was thinking of selling utility tokens at a cheap yet reasonable price with full kyc/aml to eliminate manipulation. Worst case scenario we would have a better version of We would have a prediction market for each token. The token float and current outstanding floats would be selected based on the companies internal token trading reports, a consensus or perhaps a dutch auction. I’m not sure whats best but we could figure it out. We have a designer and a Columbia economist on the team. I’m a CIO for a Crypto Fund. Ideally, if we can find a fourth member who can develop the web app and help us game plan a site I think we would create a valuable set of data that would be superior to and be invaluable to many traders. Please feel free to email me at if you’re interested.