GIP-13 Gnosis Protocol Token

Great .i wishesall good comes

I’m one of your earliest users, would love to be on that airdrop list.

gpt token is one of the best solutions to prevent rent access players.
Thank you for your good team

I think the method of calculating the GAS cost in COWSWAP is excellent.
Since I learned about COW, I have been using COWSWAP frequently instead of UNISWAP.
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting air drops, but it’s just because I actually use it and it’s easy to use.
I understand that there are many airdrop hunters out there, but I think it is necessary to give tokens to regular users.

Couldnt agree more! Especially on using COWSWAP.

I support this since it increases GNO holders commitment to the protocol. Agree that currently there is no incentive to hold beyond the snapshot.

Quick question: How long will it take to create an audited locking contract? Is something like this available “off the shelf” i.e. created by another project we can re-use?

EDIT: Thinking a bit more about this, some more ideas for the locked GNO

  1. The “locking” contract gives an option to stake my GNO. I think the staking process is currently not hassle-free
  2. Allow me to still vote
  3. Since we already have (or plan to have) a treasury management service (Should GnosisDAO delegate its treasury management?), it would be great if they could manage the locked GNO as well. The rewards here could be distributed to the locked GNO holders

Having said that, I also think there is a real chance the market may enter a more bearish phase. I would release tokens sooner (i.e. without the above) rather than later



We need to reward investors who are willing to hold GNO in a bearish phase!

The “off the shelf” solution is veCRV like assets, the tokenomics are great and many other protocols are implementing it.

1- It’s hassle free, no action needed after locking
2- Voting is done with the non-transferrable asset. GBC validators could be an exception?
3- If we lock LPTs, there’s no need to manage GNO, it is already an independent working capital.

I shared it on other post: A token for Gnosis Protocol - #36 by claberus


The locking contract we have in mind is not available off the shelf but fairly simple to implement.

The fact that we use an upgradable contract will allow GnosisDAO to enable other use-cases for the locked GNO including liquid staking.

You should absolutely be able to vote with your locked GNO.

The purpose of locking is to show long-term commitment. It would be pointless if we were to release tokens in a bearish phase and trigger a selloff.

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Just to clarify. I meant launching a NEW token in a bearish market is unhelpful. Bull markets give a natural tailwind to price. It also means more people know about you. In bear markets, fewer people are paying attention.

Agree that locking GNO should not be based on market conditions.

I like the idea of Ve assets. Personally, I would “convert” 1 locked GNO for 4 years = 4 veGNO (or even 400 veGNO) :slight_smile: (EDIT: I just meant that psychologically, bigger numbers feel better than fractions. I know the value doesn’t change)

A question: As for liquidity, what happens if the GNO price starts deviating significantly from ETH. Currently, we trade as if we only hold ETH (1 GNO = 0.1 ETH). But as our projects spin out (cowswap, safe, etc), is it possible that GNO price will no longer be anchored to ETH?

To be honest, personally I have never had much success when I have provided passive liquidity (I admit I am not a old hand in crypto. I find the concept of helpful). Hence my suggestion for the treasury to manage the ‘locked’ GNO. They get more AUM (assets under management), and we get professionals looking after the money.

In short, I would prefer to ‘lock and forget’. I mean forget the financial management of GNO. Not the commitment to the protocol.

Having said that, I am not steeped in crypto like some experienced people here are. And my tokenomics is shaky at best. So feel free to ignore some (or all) of the above.


It’s very nice,awesome

I think traders contributed in the success of Cowswap just take a closer look on dune analytics.
A small share would be nice to include reccurent users with a volume cap in order to filter bots/whales.
Gnosis is huge , should be in the hands of most active users not just a small consensus, its okay to be a little late, as long as you get the responsibility you deserve.

May be yes …soon in the future … please support genosis ecosystem

While I love the idea of vested holdings to align interests, doesnt this risk extreme illiquidity in the token? i.e. in order for market excitement and outsiders to buy in, some amount of the token must be for sale. If users, teammembers, and advisors are locked in and the DAO isnt selling, where will price discovery come from? I would prefer to see some portion immediately liquid so that price discovery can occur, rather than a new token being released and the market being unable to put a price on it until well after the initial excitement. Possible that I’m missing something, but lockup for all seems like a mistake.

Based on the current proposal there is a 5% unvested airdrop to users and 5% unvested airdrop to GNO holders. So about 10% will be liquid from the start to allow for price discovery. What is missing is an incentive program to provide liquidity between GNO and CowSwap tokens.


Ah apologies, I missed your point. Having re-read, I am supportive.

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I think this is good enough, and can totally increase the activity of the whole ecosystem.

I do agree man.

I also feel the avidity and the confirmatory biais (“yes yes we need to stick together and keep everything for us” mood) into so many comments here.

Little bit sad but decentralization is still what I love and I try to keep this in my mind.

Responsable airdrops are meant to be of course, but too many rules can kill projects too.
I experienced several and the time spent on too much rules can turn into not worthwhile results sometimes.

It is science and art to find the fairest but also most accurate moves for projects sometimes ahah

Anyway, I am happy and confident cause I just feel like the teams will make their best whatever the final decisions are. The products are amazing!

SO to the hard and honest workers over here and long life to eth2.0 and the mirrored environments!

Thanks for what have been done already.

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nice i like that tnx

a date for early adopter would be nice. I only heard about cowswap 2 months ago but have traded almost $200,000 in that time.