GIP-36: Should GnosisDAO fund BuidlGuidl 3 ETH per quarter?

GIP-36: Should GnosisDAO fund BuidlGuidl 3 ETH per quarter?

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GIP: 36
title:Should GnosisDAO fund BuidlGuidl 3 ETH per quarter?
author:Stefan George
created: 2022-04-12


The BuidlGuidl is a curated group of Ethereum builders creating prototypes and tutorials to enrich the ecosystem. They actively maintain scaffold-eth. Austin Griffith and BuidlGuidl can be a source of new
talent for the Gnosis ecosystem. We can think of new quests to add, which might lead to new hires for Safe, CowSwap, or Gnosis Chain projects.

This GIP proposes to fund BuidlGuidl with 3 ETH per quarter sent to buidlguidl.eth from the GnosisDAO treasury.


The BuidlGuidl, Burner Wallet, Scaffold-ETh and Austin Griffith have been great educators, supporters and of and Validators for xDainChain since the beginning. Happy to support this very moderate effort.

Couldn’t find the original discussion so I’m a little confused on the details. By sending 3 ETH per quarter to the BuidlGuidl what is the ecosystem gaining? I see the thing about possible talent but what is the purpose of the funds, is the DAO buying something, or just supporting a project that the DAO wants to be connected with?

I believe the intention behind this proposal is to capture the talent, that Austin and Scaffold-ETH have historically attracted, for the benefit of the Gnosis ecosystem.

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