GIP-41 Should GnosisDAO Partner with Giveth to Increased Sustainable Liquidity?

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GIP: 41
title: Should GnosisDAO Partner with Giveth to Increased Sustainable Liquidity?
author: chadfi
status: Phase 3
type: Funding
created: 2021-05-02

Updated to Phase 3 on 16 MAY 2022.

Please find the Snapshot vote here:

Simple Summary

Mutually beneficial token swap to create a 1M USD equivalent shared liquidity pool of $500k GIV <> $500k GNO on Honeyswap (Gnosis Chain).

EDIT: Changed pool location from Uni v3 to Honeyswap to reflect Phase 1 proposal. Please note “Future Considerations” include possibility for Uni v3 deployment.

For Abstract, Motivation, Specification, Rationale, & Implemenation, please see the Phase 1 post here


Hey - I am all for this proposal but would strongly prefer to use a pool on Gnosis Chain.
While I expect Univ3 to be available on GC soon currently it is not.


Absolutely. I edited the summary here to reflect the choice of Honeyswap in the Phase 1 post.


Great! So this passed right? What are next steps?


It didn’t pass, there was no vote in Snapshot: Snapshot

@john_szczepaniak can advise regarding the next steps.

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Thanks Mojmir! If you or John need anything from me to get the Snapshot going please let me know. I’m happy to set it up if that’s the typical process.

Hi Chadfi! - Your proposal was in phase-2, which was a forum poll (off-chain) for a minimum of 5 days. I’m happy to help you move this to phase-3 and get it up on Snapshot for a vote (on-chain).

Here is the GnosisDAO governance README file and here is the Governance Tutorial

You need 1 GNO to post a GIP on Snapshot. Please reach out to me if this presents an issue or if you run into any questions. Here is the link to the GnosisDAO Snapshot

You can also ping me on Discord - no_planet_b | PST#6481

Thank you for the help john! I’ve updated this post to Phase 3 and created a Snapshot.

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