Gnosis Beacon Chain - mGNO deposits and vCOW airdrop

Currently the mGNO contract displays that there are 75 holders of the mGNO token.

The top holder is obviously the actual beacon chain deposit address the validators have used and the others are pretty much holders that should become validators soon.
The issue we identified is that the vCOW airdrop should be conditional to these holders that locked their tokens actually setting up the validators. Because otherwise they could be simply trying to avoid locking in the 1 year contract betting that the mGNO will be redeemable before that.

I suggest setting up gnosis conditional tokens for the airdrop to these holders, or deploy a simple contract that will do:

  • As long as it’s sooner than an expiration date
  • if the addresses whitelisted in the contract deposit their balance in the beacon chain anyone may call a claim function for their fair share of the airdrop (public function and anyone can claim for a whitelisted address).
  • if expiration date has passed, the DAO can retrieve the tokens back, as long as all addresses have been attempted to claim (cheap gas and low count of addresses makes this ok).

Great post, anybody could make something to redeem the mGNO right away and avoid the lockup almost completely. Dont think that is the point of the lockup. Would strongly advise to do this, but am curious what the outcome of the vote will be…

My understanding is that mGNO will not be redeemable until after the merge or am I wrong?

On the Discord of Gnosis Chain it was stated that nobody can be prevented to make it redeemable because its just a normal ERC20 contract (and in that way transferrable)