Gnosis has a bright future!

I just wanted to weigh in on the discussion. I am excited for what Gnosis has to offer and believe that Gnosis will be first in its category.

I believe the network effect can make or break a company and/or idea.

This is where I feel Gnosis needs to start creating a buzz in the crypto economy. There is another predictions market that has nothing on Gnosis, not even a close second. However, they have captured the network effect.

What can we as a community do to start the buzz and fire up the engines to grab hold of this market share?

I am a firm believer that word of mouth is every companies best friend or worst nightmare. Being the owner of a dozen restaurants, I can confirm this fact.

I propose the following to own this market:

  1. Offer a stake in a % of the profits of Gnosis to the public. This can and should be in the form of a token that will represent initial value for the stake holder. Limit the quantity.

  2. Develope a core of trusted people that have Gnosis best interest and let them market the Gnosis brand via their connections to the masses in the cryoto economy. – this will start the network effect.

  3. More activity on slack, bct, twitter, reddit etc… I know this can be tiring and frustrating having to constantly feed the community but it needs to be done. This will help solidify confidence in the community and the branding of Gnosis.

  4. The interview on March 3rd of this year with Vitalik needs to be shouted from the mountain tops. When you have the founder of Ethereum saying on record that Gnosis is the best, you can’t get a better endorsement than that. We need to run with it because it’s solid gold and never waste an opportunity.

  5. Identity your team and the talents they bring to the table and utilize that talent. So many companies miss the mark on this one due to lack of knowledge, pride, ego etc…Peyton Manning was a great quarterback , one of the best to play that position. We would of never heard of him if he tried to be a defensive tackle. That wasn’t his talent. The same goes in the business world. Identify those talents on your core team.

I only say these things because I have experienced it first hand and it wasn’t from a book or university classroom. Real world applications in street marketing has proven it to me.

I like to win. Second place is not an option when you have a first place service/product.

I believe Gnosis is the crown jewel of the predictions market as beta was the crown jewel of VCR movies in the 80’s. The only problem with beta was an inferior, bulky, lower quality video experience product named VHS. Who won? VHS won because they had the network effect.

Thank you for allowing me a platform to express my core belief in Gnosis and what I believe is a great plan to capture the network effect.


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Great to see Gnosis ramping up. I don’t have any horse in the race, but support the ethereum system as a whole – so it’s just exciting to see all these projects coming up (and really support both projects).

I will offer my 2 finney’s as someone with only periphery knowledge of Gnosis but more on Augur (as I think most people in the Eth community have at least currently).

  • Re; Buzz and community: I think many people in this space recognize that a prediction market on Ethereum, just as a general idea, is a kind of no brainer and has huge potential. So on that front, Gnosis is on equal footing. However, I think the simple fact that Augur had a token sale is what created the buzz. Token = instant community of traders and people with something at stake.

  • Tony Swish has done a great job with marketing and awareness at Augur. They’ve held a bunch of meetups etc. I’ve been to one of the first ones (got a tshirt) and they do regular updates and blog posts. It’s very active. The first meetup had a decent turn out — but pales in comparison to their most recent one (with InTrades founder). I believe over 200 people came to that one. Support can build fast and the Ethereum community is hungry.

  • I don’t know what the difference is between Augur and Gonsis. What are the differentiating factors? What are the benefits - pros and cons? Why should I use gnosis over Augur? Gonsis is definitely second right now — but the good news is it’s a two horse race. I think with that recognition you can tailor your messaging with a bit more context/strategically as all eyes are on Augur.

* doesn’t seem to be working. I love the idea of an dApp where Ethereum is completely obfuscated.

So Letsgo is on point: get more people on the ground. In person helps a lot, do hangouts. Do frequent updates, even if it’s just opinion pieces on the space. Post how the UX and UI is developing. Give something people to look forward to.

Hope that helps — and good luck to the Gnosis team.

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Hi Kc and nik5ter,

I really appreciate the feedback from both of you. We’re excited to move forward with our plans and gain more mindshare in the Ethereum and prediction market communities.

I agree that Augur has done an excellent job on marketing, and that much of this is linked, or at least jumpstarted, by a crowdsale. We hope to announce plans related to this in the near future. Community and resulting liquidity are crucial to our project.

Thanks for pointing out that the link isn’t working. Yes, we believe that as many applications as possible should keep crypto and technically elements completely in the background. This allows for access to a much greater market.

Regarding differences between Gnosis and Augur:

  1. Our oracle mechanism is different. Augur uses a voting system and coordination game. Gnosis is creating a market for oracles, allowing anyone to sign up, offer services, build reputation and set fees. We will enable redundant oracle resolution - cross-checking increasing security, as well as a last resort decentralized mechanism. This combination offers greater efficiency, flexibility, resolution speed, and lower cost. It is also simpler resulting in less failure modes.

  2. We are very focused on being a platform for other applications to build upon and will be providing toolsets for easy creation of customized applications atop Gnosis. We have several high profile partnerships in the works for this.

  3. We are live on the Ethereum mainnet and have been for ~5 months (Vitalik has described Gnosis as the most advanced DAPP currently running on the Mainnet).

We are definitely going to be ramping up communications and outreach. Our slack is the first step toward this. We’d be happy to have you there. Signup is at