GnosisDAO Community Call

Dear Gnosis community,

We are planning to host a GnosisDAO community call on Thursday March 25th, at 18:00 (GMT+1 Time).

The call will be hosted in our Discord voice channel, you can join it here.

The intention is to cover the following agenda:

  1. Overview of GnosisDAO
  2. Update on all the GIPs (Gnosis Improvement Proposals)
  3. Deep dive in forum proposal
  4. SafeSnap Demo
  5. Community Q&A - Send Questions for the call

Make sure you add the event in your calendars!


Thank you to everyone who joined our GnosisDAO community call!

In case you missed it and want to learn more about #GnosisDAO & #SafeSnap decentralized governance tool suite for the @gnosisSafe, you can find the recording here: