In the Is lock-up GNO considered as holding GNO in the future?

In the
Is lock-up GNO considered as holding GNO in the future?
Will LGNO be included in future airdrop calculations?


Locking GNO in the lock contract will qualify you for the vCow airdrop. Check out this thread for more info:


I think Liquid GNO will qualify as long as it remains staked but more details in this regard is needed. I’m sure the details will get announced as the time approaches.

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I was very angry. The page showed the deadline on February 16th, but the GMT time zone ended before February 16th, and COW’s page did not write the time clearly, which was very bad!

I stake…in 11.02…my gno

Can subsequent active users still get platform airdrop

Yeah I missed it by less than 1 day as well. Seems like in this space you are either on top of things or you are distinctly left out.


When will lock GNO’s Vecow be airdropped? Will vecow also be unlocked for four years?

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The disunity of propaganda channels is confusing :joy:

So from what I get, you missed it because you were late?
Has the drop for locked GNO already been distributed? (I didn’t get that answer from this thread)
My lock date seems to be 15:

Did you get COW tokens from LGNO?