Integration: Gnosis <> deBridge, to create cross-chain interoperability

Should GnosisDAO integrate with deBridge?

deBridge Grant Application

About deBridge

deBridge is a cross-chain interoperability protocol that enables decentralized transfer of data and assets between blockchains. The deBridge protocol is a decentralized infrastructure and framework for:

– cross-chain composability of smart contracts

– cross-chain swaps

– bridging of any arbitrary asset and data

– interoperability and bridging of NFTs

More information about the project can be also found in our documentation portal (linked from our home page)

deBridge commenced during the Chainlink global hackathon in March 2021 where the project won the grand prize amongst over 140 participants.

The ultimate goal of deBridge is to seamlessly interconnect and unite all blockchains and to link any smart contract on any chain.

In February 2022 we released our mainnet where we implemented a universal messaging and cross-chain interoperability framework for protocols and applications. Live protocol stats can be observed in our explorer:

Few other achievements that we have accomplished so far:

  • Launch of deSwap in partnership with 1Inch (see our Medium for announcement details)
  • Launch of deSwap API (see our home page for the link)
  • Smart contract security audit completed by Halborn, Zokyo and Ackee
  • deBridge Infrastructure audit completed by Halborn
  • A $200,000 Immunefi bug bounty program
  • Solana and Polygon grants to facilitate the integration of Solana and Polygon and to bring cross-chain interoperability and liquidity transfer features to their ecosystems.

The team consists of 19 team members who are focused on the following directions:

  • Software development
  • Engineers
  • Product managers
  • Operations and marketing
  • Ecosystem development

deBridge is more than a bridge. It’s a generalized insured interoperability protocol that allows users and protocols to transport not only assets but also arbitrary messages and command cross-chain. This opens up various cross-chain opportunities which will drive new DeFi, NFTs, DAOs and other primitives.

We believe that deBridge will be an important part of the Gnosis ecosystem and enable the following opportunities for all participants:

  • Cross-chain swaps to/from assets in the Gnosis ecosystem

  • Cross-chain composability for protocols (protocols in different chains will be able to interact with protocols on Gnosis)

  • Protocols deployed on Gnosis will be able to tap into user bases of other blockchains (e.g. Solana users can supply liquidity into the protocol on Gnosis without the need to switch wallets/networks)

  • Bridging of arbitrary asset and NFTs from all other chains supported by deBridge

The integration will drive liquidity and overall adoption of the Gnosis ecosystem and facilitate the ability for projects and protocols to scale into Gnosis where protocols will be able to easily deploy smart contracts and have them powered by the native token bridged from the native chains.

Milestone 1: Mainnet integration

Time: Within Q2 2022

Deliverables: deBridge will have smart contracts deployed in the Gnosis mainnet. The Gnosis chain will be fully integrated with deBridge infrastructure and mainnet environment, which will make the Gnosis mainnet to be interoperable with all other supported chains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, HECO, Arbitrum, Polygon and Avalanche.

Users and protocols will be able to bridge assets and data to/from the Gnosis ecosystem. Documentation will be developed that describes how protocols and applications can utilize the deBridge cross-chain interoperability framework to scale into Gnosis or become composable with protocols deployed in the Gnosis chain.

Grant sum: 100,000

Milestone 2: deSwap Integration

Time: Q2-Q3 2022

Deliverables: Full deSwap integration, enabling a seamless and effective way to perform capital-efficient cross-chain swaps between arbitrary assets in any application. Gnosis will be integrated into the deBridge infrastructure and UI, and deBridge will have an ImmuneFi bug bounty program for the Gnosis module.

Grant sum: 100,000

Please note: A unique feature of deBridge in the cross-chain interoperability space is our decentralization, and there are costs associated with that. The total grant sum of 200,000 mostly goes to our independent validators ($1000 per chain per month x 12 validators = 12,000 per month).

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