Interesting project for a developer new to blockchain


I am a developer (RoR, full stack) who recently learned about blockchain and I am very excited about the technology. I realize this is far fetched, but would there exists a project that the Gnosis team would find useful for the platform for someone to start working on?

I am new to the space and don’t really have an idea which way to go - guess the first steps should be learning solidity and messing around with it on the test blockchain.

Anyhow, big fan of the project and I can see how this technology can be very useful for hedging / betting and many other applications for reasoning about the future in a systematic way. Looking forward to learning more and my apologies for approaching you with this post - am really in the dark on what the reasonable next steps for me should be,

Thanks a lot and all the best,

Hey, good to hear from you.
We are currently in the process of creating resources to make it for developers very easy to get started and experiment with Gnosis. We will have a bigger Hackathon and lots of opportunity to earn GNO tokens for all kind of development.

However, unfortunately this will take another few weeks until we have something like a easy tutorial. Until then I can only refer to a bunch of (not too well organized) resources: (join the #developer channel)

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Thank you very much for your reply! Started going through the material you provided and the whitepaper - all this is very interesting.

What would be the best source to learn about tutorials being released and the upcoming hackathon? Would these forums be the best place to monitor or is there a mailing list / twitter account I should subscribe to?

Hey Radek… Are you still looking to develop something? I have an idea I’ve been working on for a year and Gnosis is the clouds parting/Angels singing bit.