Is Gnosis/xDAI a sidechain or independent L1?

Correct me if I’m wrong but it looks like xDAI is a sidechain.

How feasible would it be to move it to an independent Layer 1?

Polygon has already won the sidechain battle (lost the scaling wars, hence the pivot to 4 different ZK technologies). Does it make sense for us to back a sidechain here? Wouldn’t it make more sense to position xDAI as an independent EVM compatible L1 (competes with AVAX, FTM, NEAR, etc.) vs. MATIC? What are the pro/cons of this?

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As far as I know, Gnosis want GC/xDai to be “Kusama for Ethereum”, not just “another sidechain”. It means Ethereum will have a front-runner, a real chain to test new features.
I think this has huge benefits for both GC/xDai and Ethereum. But most people don’t realize this yet I guess.
You can do some research about this yourself.


xDaiChain (now Gnosis Chain) is a fully independent Layer1 Blockchain that is also an Ethereum ecosystem sidechain for EVM compatible networks.