Is it possible to use futarchy to create metaphors?

Is it possible to use futarchy to create metaphors?

I don’t know anything about GnosisDAO. I came across it while reading Burniske & Tatar’s “CryptoAssets” book, and so I’m here checking it out. There is a quote in the book where Vitalik Buterin referred to this place as an “Uber for Knowledge,” and that piqued my interest. But, I can’t really make heads or tails of what’s going on here - as far as this place being an “Uber for Knowledge” is concerned.

Awhile ago I read another book by this Jesuit priest titled “Il Cannochialle Aristotelico” in which there is a section on the idea of creating a machine that produces metaphors. It lays out a pretty strong structure and model for how a metaphor could be created, and I’m wondering if it would be possible to have people vote on whether or not a metaphor is valid, use those percentage of yes / no votes to define a metaphor’s relative strength as a metaphor, and then ultimately develop some sort of predictive system that could create metaphors.

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You could use some Prediction Market for Content curation as outlined in this Vitalik post. Where valid metaphors should be voted up and invalid ones should be downvoted. Kleros can act a ‘Dough’.

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