Launch parameters for Gnosis Beacon Chain (GBC)

As part of GIP16 we are planning to launch the Gnosis Beacon Chain.

Generally, it will function identically to the Ethereum Beacon Chain. However - there are a handful of parameters that we can set different to make a) the chain for it’s user more attractive b) provide valuable insights for ETH2 research community to test out directions that Ethereum is planning to go to long term.

  1. Faster block (slot) times
    ETH 2 is using 12sec - we are suggesting to stick to the 5sec that are already working well on xDAI today

  2. Slots per epoch - Faster finality
    Ethereum currently has 32 slots per epoch. Thus finality can only be reached after 32 slots. There are ideas on how to eventually get to 1 slot finality. We are suggesting starting with 16 slots and if that does not cause issues to reduce that parameter over time.

  3. Minimum validator threshold - this is long-term not a relevant parameter. To start the chain we suggest having at least 4096 validators (== 4096 GNO staked) ready.

  4. Reward factor
    This is a free parameter that will essentially influence how much rewards validators can expect. Note that faster block times and shorter epochs already very much influence (increase) validator rewards.
    We are suggesting setting this parameter to 25.

This overall will result in the following curve:
(1 unit on the x Axis is 100 validators = 100 GNO)

Here are a few spotlights from the curve:

GNO staked % of GNO validating reward for validators Total GNO rewards Overall inflation p.a.
4096 0.23% 83.85% 3434.496 0.19%
50000 2.78% 23.01% 11505 0.64%
100000 5.56% 16.65% 16650 0.93%
200000 11.11% 11.89% 23780 1.32%
400000 22.22% 8.45% 33800 1.88%
800000 44.44% 5.99% 47920 2.66%
1800000 100.00% 4.00% 72000 4.00%

I’m a little unclear on this parameter. Is this to launch the GBC or to dock it with the existing xDai blockchain?

No - this is just to launch the GBC. Once we dock this number is hopefully much much larger.

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Is this assuming that node operators will be operating multiple validator nodes simultaneously? According to Etherscan, Ethereum mainnet only has ~3100 nodes globally.

In your other post, you mentioned launch could happen in as early as two weeks (which is exciting). What’s the timeline for releasing public details on how to join GBC as a validator?

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