Make Gnosis-safe cross-chain, have assets in many blockchains

Simple Summary

Be able to have assets across-chains, tokens and NFTs in Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, …

Also add a Networth text so you know how much all your assets together (on all chains) are worth


I’m looking to work at Gnosis-safe and give as much value as I am, I could Manage and lead this feature

Especifically cross-chain features is THE OBVIOUS thing in Gnosis growth


In order to make that, very roughly speaking its needed to have a wallet in every blockchain user have assets on (maybe not ALL chains…) O just think Smart contracts doesnt even need to be especifically for every single Chain, maybe something like a callback or so (Im not blockchain dev)

Rationale Have this features but there they just get the information so you cant actually send it (maybe yes but I don’t know)

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