Market suggestions for the Olympia tournament

You have a suggestion for a market on Olympia? Let us know!

We are mainly interested in prediction about stuff happening in the Ethereum/Crypto space. And also remember the question must be resolvable by the end of the tournament. (Jan 5th)

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First suggestion
I think Marker has started DAI/SAI these days. Lets have a market what trading volume (ETH/DAI) they reach on their DEX.

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General Market Suggestion:

Will Inc’s new headquarters (HQ2) be located west of the 90th Meridian West and east the International Date Line?

Market to close 1 January 2019 0:00 UTC

Edit: Sorry, just realized this was a request for Olympia tournament suggestions. This suggested market wouldn’t close in time.

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Market Suggestion:

What will be the lower bound on the most recently posted JFK Airport Terminal 8 wait time?

Official wait time ranges are posted by the United States Department of Homeland Security at Selecting JFK provides recent estimates for multiple terminals.

Market Close: 21 December, 00:00 UTC

Market Suggestion:

How many of San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) trains will be in service on December 21st at 00:00 UTC?

Oracle / Source: BART API at, API command traincount (Count available Here)

when we are live on mainnet and we support long term markets amazon headquarter market is a great example…

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You should consider putting some more controversial markets in the tournament. I won’t argue their merits or faults. They are inevitable on a decentralized platform. You should just do it for the press. Hanson might have advised against it because of his experience with DARPA. I think you are in a different situation. You don’t rely on the US congress for funding.