Proposal for COWSWAP

Should GnosisDAO pass a Proposal to partnership with VC AVG?

Hello, Community!

My name is Vlad, I represent VC and would like to make a proposal for cooperation with us. Our team consists of 25 members: text content makers, video content makers, analysts, other. We have network of own media channels and our friends KOLs and VC, collectively posts only on our social media reach 15,000 impressions per day.

Automatic Venture Group has one of best coverage in Russian Telegram.

Typical VC make HYIP posts about projects they are interested in without any benefit to the project other than a temporary HYIP, price upside and dump.

This is a new level for us and we want to act differently and prioritize helping in the real growth of projects. We are also categorically against the fake audience and closely monitor the community of our partners and approach the selection carefully.

We have a lot of feedback from the projects we’ve worked on, and most of them especially comment on how we approach our task.
We would like to participate in the project and help in publishing educational content, translations into different languages, and conduct AMA’s with a detailed description and guidance on this topic.

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