Questions about the token designs

Hi there,

I am Yuki, Japanese employee of a cryptocurrency media company. I have read your whitepaper and had some questions regarding to Tokens.

I have already scanned whole site but I couldn’t find the answers. If you already have posted the answer, please let me know.

1: What will happen if the token holder gets the share after he/she win the share from the market? Does the GNO also increase?

2: How do the market makers get the revenue? What is the merit for them?
If they get some revenue, by which currencies/tokens they receive?

3: Is there any possibilities for the market makers to lose their tokens or money after people join the biddings?

4: Why did you design the token mechanism in the complicated way? You could have designed that in much more simpler way. Why have you designed in a way that GNOs generate WIZs and GNOs can do again after the emission period? This sounds like 1GNO can produce WIZ repeatedly.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile: