Should GnosisDAO fund Circles UBI R&D work? A Web of Trust DApp for Gnosis Safe & UBI as Public Goods

Dear Gnosis Community,

My name is Julio. I am an economic anthropologist from Guatemala & I represent the Circles UBI Coop & the Circles DAO. Since we launched CirclesUBI in late 2020, Circles has gathered significant attention world-wide, with more than 100,000 Gnosis safes deployed to date and communities joining every month in different parts of the world. Since launch, we have been tirelessly working to bring Unconditional Basic Income to the world, starting with the Berlin Open Pilot, holding monthly international assemblies & participating in the wider UBI debates world-wide.

As I am sure many of you know, the CirclesUBI protocol relies on a very interesting technology called the Web of Trust (or WoT, for short), which basically sets the basis for a robust and non-bureaucratic decentralised identity system, whereby people are able to verify and trust that other people are who they say they are without the need for a central authority and creepy biometrics. We at Circles think it’s time to bring this gift to Gnosis as a whole and strengthen the social relations within our ecosystem in order to ignite more collaboration between the projects running on Gnosis Chain. Leveraging CirclesUBI’s WoT as a basis, we would like to propose the creation a Gnosis-safe WoT dapp and create the necessary tooling so that other Dapps, DAOs and projects using other WoT networks can integrate with the existing Circles WoT and use it for their own specific purposes. We think the Circles WoT holds immeasurable value and we would like to take concrete steps in order to share it with others and do the necessary R&D in order to bring this into being.

Furthermore, in order to achieve our mission of bringing UBI to the world and making Circles a global monetary system, we would like to request funding from the GnosisDAO in order to expand the current Berlin pilot and create new ones in different parts of the world within the next 18 months. We believe UBI should be seen as a Public Good for the 21st century economy. Gnosis is well positioned to provide the infrastructural backbone in order to make UBI happen. To support our efforts we are planning to build a fully open-source Payment API so that people everywhere can plug Circles into their existing preferred payment methods and co-pay using their UBI and significantly increase adoption. Lastly, we are also planning to add Group Currencies to the Circles ecosystem. To support this and start accruing revenues, the Circles team wants to develop a social DEX, whereby businesses, cooperatives, farms and any other groups that issue their own currency can create markets to sell them for DAI and other digital assets, allowing investors to support the development of decentralised basic income economies.

We think the time is ripe to create more formal synergies between CirclesUBI and GnosisDAO and begin to transition into a more decentralised and ecological economy. Gnosis currently provides the backbone infrastructure for this transition to take place and our mission is to improve it through everyday usage with a wide range of people. In order to fulfil this, this proposal would fund the Circles Coop e.G. and the Bitspossessed developer collective via the CirclesDAO to support the team’s operational costs for a period of one and a half years plus the expansion and creation of new Basic Income Open Pilots for a total of $3.571 Million, given 50% in GNO and 50% in DAI.

To recap: we are promising development of a WoT dapp for Gnosis-safe, expanding the Circles UBI pilots as Public Goods to increase uptake of Gnosis technologies, improving our core infrastructure and creating a social DEX as an investment vehicle.

Do you think this is something that the GnosisDAO community would support? We look forward to your thoughts and show you our fully fledged-out proposal!



Circles UBI


Hi, I’m Blanka Vay, working on Circles UBI three years long with Julio, and I do support the proposal.


And a short explanation:
Julio is the theoretical-political-scientific mind, I am organising the work.
What I would add / highlight from this perspective:
It’s a very exciting experience, how people, who are far from the crypto space, start to use a crypto currency, for daily use. People order food and pay the delivery costs with CRC. Our business partners pay their suppliers, partners with CRC, so a real business circles (Wirtschaftskreis) with real economical value in exchange, is running.
Meanwhile people have a real basic “pocket money”. They learn, what does it mean, that by Circles UBI communities indeed give each other basic income, it’s not just a fancy phrase, we are doing it, without waiting for the state.
We have in Berlin around 700 active users, and there are many communities around the world, who waiting for building the same, in Vancouver, in Vietnam, in Chile.
We achieved this in the last two years with almost permanent financial insecurity, we never had more than a three month runway.
We build pretty strong fundamentals for bringing this story to a real higher.
By the shifting the xDai chain into Gnosis chain we had the goal (GIP 16 - Gnosis Chain - xDAI/Gnosis merge)
“GnosisDAO will reserve 400k GNO to develop the Gnosis Chain ecosystem and incentivize usage. Applications native to the Gnosis Chain (e.g. Circles and DappNode) will be prioritized to create a unique value proposition.”
So I think this proposal could give the resources what the next level of growing needs of Circles UBI, and would be a very reasonably and essential use of the Gnosis resources.


Mustardseed Trust supported Circles UBI last year with seed funding to move forward with this revolutionary idea: that the community can lead with an alternative currency UBI instead of waiting for the state and the fiat currency to implement. We are very happy with the progress so far and the collaboration with Circles. We look forward to seeing the years ahead as it grows in users and possibilities. This will be possible with support from this space.


When I heard about Circles: I thought it too good to be true. A UBI without the state? I have been waiting years, decades for a workable solution to the malaise of central government. It is the right thing to choose as a policymaker but still because of short term politics, it is not investigated or discussed as a policy solution.
So - we have a community driven UBI on a digital platformin Circles UBI Berlin. To have a functioning digital UBI, it is crucial to have the technology of course but working with the community is messy. Especially if working with a part of the community that are vulnerable or less well served. This is a new method of payment, and whilst people are still understanding the technology, they will need hand holding. So the Berlin example is a perfect amalgamation of tech and community. When Circles Berlin receives the financial backing it deserves, it can then show all the cities, towns and villages around the world that the community can offer UBI, without needing the go ahead or support of the national government. This is true democracy at work.


If the Gnosis Dao is financing it, I think it would be reasonable if the DAO members would get access to the tests/pilots (if they match the criteria).

For example: If you search a 30 year old woman from Argentina, why not pick a member from the DAO (if she exists in the DAO)


That’s a great idea. I guess what would be interesting is to explore ways in which the Circles DAO could assign where the pilots happen based on the existing community members within the DAO.


I do support the proposal,GnosisDAO needs constant exploration。


Yes - I fully support the proposal!


I fully support the proposal.
Circles allows communities to create UBI for each other via creating strong local economy. It’s a tool that can be used anywhere which gives people the power. What convinces me is that CRC is already being used in Berlin. A big variety of products and services is being offered for CRC. Berlin Pilot program is running with more than 20 businesses. Here is an article on the Berlin Pilot progress, with REAL testimonies from the businesses: Circular Berlin. Circles is a community currency which… | by Circles UBI Project | Mar, 2022 | Medium

Nothing convinces me more than the real stories. The huge potential of the collaboration with GnosisDAO community is exciting.


long-time fan of Circles checking in with support for this initiative <3


This would be a great use of the GnosisDAO funds! I fully support this proposal.


Yes, please do this…would be a big benefit for the ecosystem.


Support. I can only provide a little money to support you every month. Come on