Should GnosisDAO integrate Prosper Science project?

Should GnosisDAO integrate Prosper Science project?

I was disallowed to create a post with many links, so read instead here than below as I removed most of the links below.

Do the following:

  • Add a link to the demo app at
  • Replace “Our three interoperable product lines allow you to securely create, trade, and hold digital assets on Ethereum.” with “Our four … product lines…” and include information about this project.
  • Agree to publish the mainnet app on Gnosis site as soon as it will be released.
  • Move the GitHub repositories related to this project to gnosis organization.
  • Encourage hacking this project by Gnosis community.
  • After the audit of critical smart contract finishes pay for deployment of the contracts.
  • Publish Victor Porton’s article “Paying Salaries to Scientists Using Prediction Markets on Blockchain” (The article title will likely change as it encompasses more topics including ecological ones.) at Gnosis website open access.

The project very well aligns with the Gnosis mission because:

  • The Gnosis mission is: “Gnosis builds new market mechanisms for decentralized finance.” And this project is a new free market mechanism for finances of scientific/software and ecological projects (as well as other kinds of projects in the future), using decentralized finance.
  • This project plans to use Gnosis Safe (with this new module) as its essential part.
  • This project uses a prediction market. It is a new kind of prediction markets, not the old Gnosis one. Both have advantages and disadvantages and both should be a part of Gnosis ecosystem.
  • The project contributes new ideas to other Gnosis projects including the old prediction markets.


  • The development (except of thorough testing and audit) of the contracts (except of a few details such as the contracts for bequesting all funds on a Gnosis Safe) is finished. The frontend is mostly done (however needs improvement). It also necessary to create two DAOstack DAOs.
  • The project is also proposed to be integrated into GitCoin. It’s nothing wrong to have an UI for this project at both GitCoin and Gnosis sites. The UIs could evolve to be similar or different.
  • I mistakenly (without passing through the governance requirements) published a related proposal at XXX - ignore that proposal.


  • temporary project homepage (needs improvement because it’s a product of a twitchy evolution)
  • the demo app
  • related proposal at GitCoin
  • the idea in more details - see also the scientific article for even more details
  • more about the calculation algorithm of the collateral
  • the carbon accounting part of the project

The scientific article (kinda partial whitepaper) is not available because it is in review now in a peer reviewed journal and I can’t disclose it. (Please contact me personally to send a copy to you.) But I want to withdraw it from the journal and we publish it open access at Gnosis site if you accept this proposal.

Please discuss the above proposal.