Should GnosisDAO plan to deploy to Terranova: the Terra EVM?


Terra is a rapidly growing blockchain.

Part of the difficulty in moving dApps to Terra is that it’s in the Cosmos ecosystem, using a WASM VM rather than the EVM. At Terranova, we’re building an EVM on Terra:

I recently detailed our vision of the future of Terra and announced the development of the EVM on Twitter:

Advantages for Gnosis

This would give Gnosis access to additional liquidity available on Terra and the Cosmos ecosystem. I’ve personally spoken to dApps such as Aave who have specifically requested Gnosis to be available on Terranova.

Next Steps

Terranova is still in development but I wanted to get community feedback early and anticipate any gotchas. So, should GnosisDAO plan to deploy to Terranova?

Thanks in advance!


Which project(s) do you even want to have deployed? Gnosis Safe, Gnosis Auction, Cowswap, etc.?


Let me ask the Aave folks and get back to you! And will jog my memory to ping some other dApps that mentioned Gnosis.

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Aave says they need Gnosis Safe at a minimum and that they would love to have Cow Swap. I can edit the original post if this info is helpful!


Trisolaris says they also depend on Gnosis Safe, think that’s a pretty good starting point

I am not one to spread and promote FUD but Jack Niewold’s recent thread on LUNA/UST was an informative, fairly objective take. Curious if you feel the same or if his claims are baseless.

I thought Do Kwon’s response was awesome, the original thread had a handful of factual inaccuracies:

IMO the success of $UST comes largely down to building the necessary network effects / uncorrelated use cases for $UST, which is a big motivation for me to build this Terra EVM.

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I wasn’t aware of Do Kwon’s response - thank you. I hold Cosmos in high regard though I am not that informed about the ecosystem in general. Deploying an EVM on Terra would seem to have a number of positive externalities.

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Yeah it’s interesting, it highlights the difference between creating misinformation vs. dispelling it, which Do Kwon touches on a bit in his reply