Should GnosisDAO upgrade governance platforms?

Should GnosisDAO upgrade governance platforms?


A governance platform with more capabilities than GnosisDAO current processes will allow this community to get more done and inevitably grow the Gnosis ecosystem. I am proposing that Gnosis move their governance activities to Commonwealth where this community will be given more tools to govern GnosisDAO. The major changes are as follows:

  1. Organize all of the community activities that GnossisDAO does to increase efficiency and expand higher community engagement rates into more areas of governance. I.e.: bucket all hiring activities, discussions, Gnosis Improvement Proposals, prediction specific discussions, etc. into unique channels.
  2. Create a community fund built into the governance platform where Gnosis community members can invest in projects that they determine to benefit the Gnosis ecosystem.
  3. Efficiently reach more of the community and expose more on-chain, off-chain, and member data to allow the entire community to make informed decisions.

Commonwealth isn’t just a governance interface, it has the capabilities to become the decentralized hub for all of the community activities taking place within Gnosis. Commonwealth is already doing this with a couple other decentralized communities.

Key Feature Upgrades:

  • Crypto-native discourse with an integration to Snapshot voting, staking dashboard and other new features to GnosisDAO’s governance.
  • In-depth transparency & analytics for both thread activity and profiles. Profile transparency includes forum activity history, past votes, and more.
  • On-chain integrated governance dashboard built specifically for decentralized communities. Everyone can receive notifications if they want to and Commonwealth can integrate with Discord and other channels.

Next Steps

Build a testnet on the Commonwealth platform and get the Commonwealth team to build any custom features that the community wants to see in our new governance forum. Once that’s done the existing forum data would be migrated over to Commonwealth.

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I’m not sure I see the benefit of migrating to Commonwealth.

From what I can see, the vast majority of the communities on Commonwealth are ghost towns, and those that do have activity seem to be tests. Even the Commonwealth Meta community has had zero activity in 3 weeks.

That said, I would be keen to learn more about Commonwealth’s data model. Where is the forum data stored and who controls it? If it actually makes use of web3 tech and can give a DAO more tangible ownership over its community, then it might be worth exploring.

For the time being though, I’m against this proposal.

Great to hear you checked out the Commonwealth platform, @auryn_macmillan. Commonwealth is pre-launch but communities like the HydraDX and Edgeware communities are on it and active. By the launch in mid-summer, some of the biggest DeFi protocols will be using Commonwealth (onboarding them now).

As for your question regarding where the forum data is stored and how it is controlled, its all on-chain so Commonwealth doesn’t control it.

Commonwealth is leveraging web3 tech for it’s active communities and the ones being onboarded. As mentioned in the post, communities have full transparency into all activities and members to help make informed decisions. Commonwealth also has built Aave and COMP governance systems to be used on the platform.

Great questions & queries. I would be happy to address any others.

On which chain?

I’d be interested in adding SafeSnap to that list. That would be a prerequisite to us migrating. But even if we did not, there is a growing userbase of project utilizing this setup.

Thanks for your response, @auryn_macmillan. Answers to your questions are below.

  1. on which chain?

Forum data is stored on-chain through the Commonwealth protocol smart contract that forums get locked into. Therefore, data cannot be corrupted or changed. Commonwealth is built on Edgeware which is built on Polkadot.

  1. I’d be interested in adding SafeSnap to that list. That would be a prerequisite to us migrating. But even if we did not, there is a growing userbase of project utilizing this setup.

SafeSnap is on our product roadmap currently. We will support it within the next 1-2 months and be able to fully onboard Gnosis and its broader ecosystem then.

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