Simplification is the ultimate form of sophistication

How do we make GNO Eco, friendly and easy to understand for people who starting out now?

How many of us visited a super expensive restaurant seeing the menu……25 pages, size of a billboard…
Yup… You know. But we can’t find the main course section… Then we get kinda bored.

How many of us, spontaneously went to a restaurant with a one page menu double sided, good friends and had quality time?!!

Sometimes we miss the big picture… which is simply offer value, simplicity and allow everyone to share their whys? The Why nots and what motivates them…

Who says we can’t have quantity and quality?
It’s all a matter of approach and culture… Doesn’t matter what protocol but one unified and shared culture.

We can learn from each other in a proactive way and in a simple manner. I don’t want to read books about the future… I want to learn the people of today and what do they do! Cause they’ll shape the future with their stories.

I’m completely brainstorming here, but how about a
1-2 minutes video from members telling us what? How? And their whys?

If we don’t invest in our most valuable assets we just have protocols and safes and it’s a museum.
People… Invest in people not “buildings”

What you guys think?