Thanks to the Gnosis team members that contributed to ETH Denver

Since this discussion doesn’t fit neatly elsewhere, I place it here.

Just wanted to make a quick shoutout to the team members who contributed to ETH Denver. If you want the feels, click below.


Special thanks to Ulyana for communicating the grant information, for answering my questions and for being an overall positive person. Thanks to Igor for explaining the Gnosis Beacon Chain and that we are much more than a canary network. Thanks to the speaker who showed us how to make a Nifty Ink NFT even through technical difficulties.

I hope 2022 is the year of the DAOs. These are revolutionary times and I’m grateful to be a part of it.


Would be great if we can see some of it in a fit-cut version which aims to share valueable info uploaded on the Gnosis socials, so those who missed it and those newcomers will be able to sink deeper in the Gnosis world. :relaxed:


Yes, I agree. Gnosis head of social media should get the ball rolling on this. Having all live talks and virtual events in one place (perhaps YouTube for now) is good for many reasons. Polkadot has their own YT channel, so should we.

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The Gnosis YouTube channel can be found right here; I will add the ETH Denver recordings if I can find them. If you have any videos, as well, that you’d like to highlight feel free to ping me on discord.

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