Twitter Interface for Gnosis

It is one of the core ideas of Gnosis to allow very different interfaces tapping into the same “liquidity pool”/ markets. A good example for such an interface would be a Twitter integration. Twitter is (not only in the blockchain space) a place for discussions and forecasts/predictions. Accessing live PM data and publicly making predictions could enhance those discussions.

A description:

@GnosisBOT KEYWORD (eg. Segwit)


Outcome 1: percentage
Outcome 2: percentage
Outcome n: percentage


Segwit will be activated by May 2017 -
Yes: 23%
No: 77%

Now you could answer simply.

@gnosisBot higher

This would trigger a 1 ETH (unit) prediction on the first outcome.

Alternative “lower” (against the first outcome)
Alternative parameters: [outcome name] higher/lower [factor for higher stake: 10x = 10 unit prediction]

For this to work the user would need to upfront deposit ETH or whatever tokens are used in a personal account controlled by the GnosisBot. So function are needed like:

@GnosisBot deposit

Answer: ETH deposit address

@GnosisBot balance

Answer: return balance

@GnosisBot withdrawal ETH-Adress AMOUNT

Answer: successfully withdrawn AMOUNT to ETH-Adress
or: balance too low

In addition: help should show the command and list could list the available markets.

An alternative implementation that does not require the Bot to hold ETH would be to only generate the unsigned transaction. A command to make a prediction would be answered by an QR code containing to data of the TX for this prediction. A tool APP like uPort would be required to sign the tx and push it to the network.

Resources for interested developers:

A telegram ETH bot that has at least some of the functionality

And of course the Gnosis JS interface for the Gnosis contracts and data:

seems like a useful resource for this task: