Vita Dao auction bidding

i participated in the Vita auction but I didn’t get my eth back and it just charge me and even the refund is not processed that seems a big problem that’s there is no automated system to refund people when you offer a canceling feature

Maybe you are confused by the fact that you deposit ETH, but only get WETH back. Please check tthat

I must say this is one of the most complicated thing I have encountered in a while. So I participated in the auction using my METAMASK wallet, made my bid, auction complete, made my swap using the WETH (which I didn’t even know I was going to get back), paid gas here, and there, according to uniswap I have VITA tokens but can’t find them in my METAMASK account. You try to insert it through customised system, but you can’t find the VITA token address anywhere. What is going on? Please assist.

Just to provide you with an update. I just added the VITA wallet to my METAMASK account. Now, how do I transfer the VITA tokens to my wallet from Uniswap? Please assist.

Not entirely sure what you’re trying to do.
Happy to help if you’re able to explain in more detail.
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I think it’s better via DM