What will be the American interest rate on Dec 15

FYI the bet <= 0.25% means that it will “win” if the rate stays unchanged and ALSO if the rate is increased to 0.25%.

just a word of caution if you don’t read it carefully.

I have a follow up question to this. The american Interest rate will not change till the 16th. So from the outset this bet appears to have been was 100% chance of the <=.25% outcome.

Unless the oracle implements the result on the 16th.

Is this bet supposed to be the outcome of the Dec 16th fed meeting and will that be input as the result?


When we created the event it was not clear that the date for the change would be the 16th. So from todays perspective the 16th would make much more sense. However - since the event is called: Interest rate on 15th we will resolve it accordingly. So yes, most likely it will resolve to “<=0.25%”.

Time to settle the event.