Your Voice in Gnosis Farms' Reports

Hi everyone!
In Karpatkey we’re currently working on a new version of the Gnosis farms’ report so that it leaves no questions about the treasury management unanswered. Before we close the drafting phase, we’d appreciate your feedback to make sure we show everything you’re interested in and nothing you’re not.

Could you please take a couple minutes to answer these questions in this topic?

  1. Which additional information would you like to see?
  2. What information is irrelevant to you?
  3. Do you have any other thoughts?

Thanks! Your feedback is very valuable for us.


The tracker is super useful – thanks for the weekly updates. Might be helpful to add a column on the outstanding loan positions summarizing interest expense similar to how the farming APR is set up.
Also wondering if it makes sense to set up a cashflow forecasting model as Gnosis DAO racks up more expected expenditures. It wouldnt have to be to the absolute dollar (which would be a waste of your times) but could be helpful to have rough GIP-38 forecasted cashflows, salary payments, and any other potential large cash events included. Im sure you folks are working on something like that already (know how hard this is to forecast given the pace of GIPs right now) but once ready that would be super helpful to get a complete picture.


I’ve appreciated the weekly updates, thanks for these!

Any possibility of building a real-time dashboard for this?


Hi @dansy, thanks for your feedback! Initially we’ll have a batch-updated report, but we’re aiming to eventually have a real-time dashboard available.

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