GIP-33: Should Gnosis DAO send vested COW tokens to daughter Safe for treasury management

GIP: 33
title: Send vested COW tokens to daughter Safe for treasury management
author: Chen, Facu
status: Draft
type: Funding
created: 2022-03-30
  • Yes, Let’s do it!
  • No, Do no change.

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Simple Summary

Gnosis DAO was allocated 50M COW tokens, out of which 1.5M tokens have already vested. Those funds are proposed to be sent to the daughter Safe where it can be used by Karpatkey DAO for market activities that will support COW liquidity and provide Gnosis DAO’s treasury with additional yield over capital.


Gnosis DAO will use its COW treasury with the goal to increase and support COW liquidity, generate yield over capital and benefit the COW and GNO ecosystems.


The presence and liquidity of the COW token in the DeFi ecosystem is instrumental in the success of Cowswap. Since Karpatkey DAO specializes in treasury management and has experience managing liquidity pools and market making, the creation of the liquidity positions and their management will be delegated to them, in order to ensure a healthy presence of the COW token with minimum slippage and price impact.


Gnosis DAO main safe will call the swapAll function and swap its vested vCOW into COW tokens, then transfer those tokens to the daughter Safe: eth:0x849D52316331967b6fF1198e5E32A0eB168D039d

Edit 05/04/22: Poll has been fixed but previous votes were unfortunately deleted. There was a vast majority in favor (~25 votes in total)


This proposal is live on Snapshot

Please vote so we can increase the liquidity of COW.

just do it,LFG !!!
add some liquidity and pull up ok?

let’s F do it
add some liquidity if needed right